Saturday, May 1, 2010

An Overwhelming Week (Part 1)

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Over the past eight days, I have heard and faced more things than I ever expected to at the age of twenty-three. I knew these things were mostly likely coming, just not this fast. (I am going to break this past week up into two long blogs. I told you, it's a lot to take in.)
As I mentioned several blogs ago, I had a sleep deprived night due to my Gastroparesis causing pain. The pain returned a week ago Thursday. It was accompanied by nausea and the losing of food. It started that morning at work around 11am. After having GP for almost two years, if I am dealing with the symptoms that early in the day, it's going to be a rough day. I went ahead and took the normal medications, Librax, Bentyl and ibuprofen for the spasms and pain. I was determined to eat lunch and I figured that eating might help. It never does but for some reason I wasn't thinking straight and I ate. I made it through half of my lunch. I had walked up to the dining hall in hopes of easing the pain because I have learned that walking helps with motility due to the effect of gravity. I was so nauseous, in pain and weak feeling I bummed a ride back down with a friend. Needless to say I left work for the day and spent the remainder of the day on the couch with the heating pad.
When I went to bed Thursday night I planned on going to work Friday as usual. I am learning you can't plan life especially when you have a condition that has no cure. Whenever I woke up Friday morning, oh my gosh what pain! It was all I could do to roll over. I have been through the appendectomy gallbladder route and this pain did not compare. I called into work and said that I'd be in later that morning. I called my doctor's office and told them what was going on. I was told to back my diet down and be sure to take my medications. Are you freaking kidding me?!?!? I am holding the tears back on the phone. I am taking my meds, I promise. And to make things just a bit better, you're telling me to back my diet down? There's nothing below mashed potatoes, trust me I've looked. I refused to do another liquid diet and deal with the pain. I managed to get ready for work and between getting ready and the pain I was finished. I called back into work and asked to take the day off. Like the previous day, I stayed on the couch with the heating pad.
Saturday was Saturday. Jacob and my mom were at a seminar, my dad was out of town and Chase was at work. I was going to have a day of peace and quiet. I had rented a few movies to watch and just planned to lay around all day. The pain was getting to me and being at home on the couch for the third day, I wanted to get out for a little while. I ran into my God-mother and she noticed that I still wasn't back to normal. I caved. I had been doing my best to walk around that store, shop and be pain free and normal! I told her to take me to the emergency room at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Before we left I did get lunch in. I have learned from previous ER experiences, eat before you go because who knows when you will eat again.
I was going in hopes of getting something for the pain. When I was being checked in, after giving my medication and what was wrong with me, my nurse told me I needed to go see House. I have never been admitted that fast before. I was prepared to educate my doctor on what GP is but I did not. It was wonderful! My doctor was from Ghana and he knew and understood GP. They did the normal things, IVs and blood work. When I heard Zofran for nausea and pain medication, I was good. After having them poke and push on my stomach, I needed something. I had previously had my nurse so that helped ease the ER experience. She told me that the pain medication she was giving me would giving me a head rush and make me dizzy and sleepy. WOW....... she had just finished removing the vial and I got the rush. My godmother said I was so stoned. I then went to X-Ray and later CT. In between the pain got really bad, I'm talking get the doctor now! I need something stronger! They were surprised that I was still in pain so I got more medication and the pain backed off. The main doctor over the ER came over to talk to me about moving me to more comfortable place. At midnight we moved to a holding room with two beds, thank goodness I was the only patient. During this I was still messed up from the drugs. We spoke to Internal Medicine and they decided to admit me. Half of the Gastro doctors were stuck overseas due to the volcano and my doctor was out of town. I finally got into at three. Thanks to my godmother, I didn't know a thing until around seven the next morning. She was playing defense. She told me that she told the nurses, we've not slept, she's in pain, leave her alone. I love that woman.
The next morning I woke up to my mom and brother also. They had came down to relieve my godmother. Jacob stayed in Wilkes by my doing. I made him stay. There was no reason for him to come to my closet of a room and sit while he could be in Wilkes doing what needed to be done. I assured him that we will have many more hospital visits.

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