Sunday, May 9, 2010

my visit to the pain clinic

I went to the pain clinic on Wednesday a little anxious. After working in a pharmacy for three years, you tend to label pain clinics. It’s not fair but it happens. I had this whole pain clinic scene painted in my head. I however was wrong. It was a very quiet professional setting but serious. I’m talking; I had to have my picture made and have my driver’s license scanned. Nobody can pretend to be me unfortunately.
I met with my doctor and we discussed what has been going on. He poked around and came to the conclusion that a nerve has been causing the pain. During my appendectomy or gallbladder surgery, the nerve was “messed with” and it just now started sending signals to my brain that something is wrong. It gets complicated; the pain feels deep inside my body which is confusing so it is confusing to my organs. However the pain is actually closer to the skin because it is a nerve. He said that he could numb that nerve with an injection of Lidocaine. He did not know how long the injection would work.
Jacob went with me to the clinic and came back in the room with me.
When my doctor came back in the room with the injection, I had in the back of my mind hoped to watch. He told me it would feel like a giant bee sting and it would burn for about twenty seconds. I then saw the needle followed by the syringe. That was by far the biggest needle and syringe I have ever saw or experienced. There are words to describe the pain that followed but I’m not going to say. I’m sure you get the picture. Jacob said that he inserted the needle; he moved the needle around pushing the Lidocaine out of the syringe. I thought we were finished, “injection” means “one injection” to me. He had another injection to for me. The second injection was worse than the first because I knew what pain was coming and I was already in pain. Needless to say, I didn’t watch but Jacob did. It was an interesting doctor’s appointment by far.


  1. Hello Jennifer,

    I have been following your blog off & on. My wife was diagnosed with GP about 10 months ago. Many of your thoughts mirror hers as well. It can be difficult to sit by the sidelines unable to help the one you love.

    Keep the faith.

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  3. I am sorry to hear that your wife was diagnosed with Gastroparesis. I have noticed the effects that the Gastroparesis has on Jacob and my family. I am continually telling Jacob to tell me if I'm telling you too much. Details of a medical condition can be overwhelming themselves. It is wonderful that you are standing by your wife during her diagnosis of Gastroparesis