Tuesday, April 12, 2011

surgical appointment!

I have an appointment for a surgical consult on May 13th!! Goodbye colon spasms… goodbye colon… GOODBYE MAGNESIUM CITRATE!!

It took about two seconds for me to realize that it is a month away! I can’t wait that long, I’ve waited a year. Besides that’s just the surgical consult, I would still have to go through the pre-op stuff and get scheduled for surgery itself. Plus I’ve been through a couple of surgeries before I was officially diagnosed with gastroparesis and I am a horrible person to put I.V.s in and draw blood from. This time I want some type of catheter so I’m not pricked multiple times. The last time I had to give blood it was an ordeal; warming blankets and multiple nurses were involved. They usually have to go through my hands and end up blowing my veins… it’s an ordeal.

I go this coming Tuesday, April 19th for the Smart Pill camera test. I was reading the instructions for the test and I am unable to clean out three days before and during the test. I think this is going to be one of the harder tests that I’ve been through since they want your GI tract to be “natural”. No motility meds….

I got to thinking about May 13th. It’s really not as long as it seems. I’m on a surgical cancellation list if anyone cancels their appointment. I’ve got plenty of things to do before I have surgery so I’m sure the time will go by quickly. I’m one of those people when I want it, I want it now. I don't like waiting.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my favorite things...

Have you ever just found a product that you absolutely love and had to tell others about it? Well, I have and I want to share those products with you today.

As a GP patient it is all about trial and error with our diets. What foods work today may not work tomorrow. Personally I have a terrible time with fruits. I can’t digest them and they give my GI tract a run for its money. I found this Naked Juice Protein Zone Smoothie and I absolutely LOVE it!! It’s a mixture of pineapples, bananas, coconuts, apples and oranges; what more could you want?!? As for the nutritional content it has 30 grams of Whey and Soy protein and it is made from 100% of the all natural best bare “naked” fruits; they don’t add sugar. This product excites me. I could live off this product!


Next would be my Tervis Tumbler. Because my diet consists of a lot of liquids, I am a big drinker. I can not stand condensation however. Whether it's Gatorade or a smoothie, it gets all over the place. With my Tervis Tumbler there is no condensation. What's cool about these tumblers is that you can personalize everything; size, color, design - everything! You can alternate lids which is nice; a coffee lid in the morning and a straw lid in the evening or you can go without - your preference.


I am all about heat. I love the heating pad. Whenever I saw this product it took about two seconds and I was sold...HEAT! This product works great during those horrid GP flare ups or great during times of bloating when you feel like you've swallowed a watermelon and those abdominal muscles are so tender. What's great about this product is that it's usable either hot or cold; all you have to do is pop it in the microwave or freezer - how hard is that? I'm all about simplicity when my GP is flaring up. (Thank you Crystal for introducing me to this product!)


Last but not least Gatorade G2. We GP patients consume a lot of this. Frankly I'm not a big Gatorade person, never have been, never will be. It's sugary and strong tasting to be and it bothers my stomach (along with the majority of things LOL). Gatorade G2 I learned is different and tastes better plus it doesn't bother my stomach. G2 has electrolytes in it which is a wonderful benefit for those athlethes and us GP'ers so we don't dehydrate so quickly. It also has fewer calories and less sugar than other Gatorades - if you happen to be watching you calorie and sugar level intake. I am picky about my Gatorade flavors; I maybe two flavors (it's not like I have room to be picky). When I found this flavor raspberry melon, I was really excited - NEW FLAVOR!


I just thought I'd share some of my favorite products with you. I hate buying something and not knowing what to expect; have other people been satisfied with this product or what does it taste like? If you have any products that you'd like to share please feel free to email me.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

possibility of surgery...

I am so excited!!! I talked with my gastroenterologist this week and he is going to refer me to colorectal surgeon. Relief is on the way!! Yes it will get worse before it will get better but I’m looking towards the finally goal here; no more magnesium citrate or colonic inertia!

He is also getting a smart pill test in the works. I’m excited about it; a pill camera running your GI tract – pretty cool. I’m not looking forward to going somewhere within a week’s time without cleaning out but I’ll deal with that when it gets here.

Back to the magnesium citrate; I told him that my insides (intestines/colon) always felt like they were cramping or beginning to spasm on me. He said that’s because they were probably always in a constant state of spasm… isn’t that wonderful?! He told to cut back on the magnesium citrate to twice a week to give my colon a rest which is perfectly fine with me.

I am excited which sounds crazy. I know there are risks but I am willing to take them. I want somewhat of a life back.