Sunday, April 3, 2011

possibility of surgery...

I am so excited!!! I talked with my gastroenterologist this week and he is going to refer me to colorectal surgeon. Relief is on the way!! Yes it will get worse before it will get better but I’m looking towards the finally goal here; no more magnesium citrate or colonic inertia!

He is also getting a smart pill test in the works. I’m excited about it; a pill camera running your GI tract – pretty cool. I’m not looking forward to going somewhere within a week’s time without cleaning out but I’ll deal with that when it gets here.

Back to the magnesium citrate; I told him that my insides (intestines/colon) always felt like they were cramping or beginning to spasm on me. He said that’s because they were probably always in a constant state of spasm… isn’t that wonderful?! He told to cut back on the magnesium citrate to twice a week to give my colon a rest which is perfectly fine with me.

I am excited which sounds crazy. I know there are risks but I am willing to take them. I want somewhat of a life back.


  1. Just wanted to check in and see how you're holding up. That's great news that you'll finally get some colon relief. Also, just wanted to say thanks for the advice regarding Temple. That emptying scan is a tough one, as I had never gone that long w/o cleaning out, and the anal manometry test was more horrifying than I had even imagined. Having read your blog and at least having some idea of what to expect helped a lot though :) Thanks again and take care!

  2. Hey Nicole!

    How's your GP treating you? I'm glad that I was able to be of some help. Yes, the scan is tough and I think the anal manometry test scarred me for life :) I was in physical therapy one day and my therapist asked if I wanted to attempt to push a balloon out... NOPE!! thanks but I'm good (LOL). Are they looking at a certain course of action/treatment for you? I hope you have a good day!

    Much GP love to you,

  3. Hi!

    GP is not treating me great but I'm continually learning. My colon is also having issues, so Dr. Parkman wants me to try biofeedback therapy. I can't say that im looking forward to it, but im willing to try anything that will help. Not sure what else is on the treatment agenda until i go back to my regular GI doctor in a couple of weeks. I've also started to notice my hair thinning out. Have you found anything in your case that helped make that part of it any better/ easier?

    How are you holding up? Have you met with the surgeon yet? How did the smart pill go? And I def don't blame you for not wanting to push a balloon out, that was for sure one of the most scarring parts of the test. Hope things are going great for you and take care!