Sunday, March 27, 2011

a life of magnesium citrate

The past few weeks have been the very same; Monday, Thursday and Saturday I clean out with magnesium citrate. It’s about to get the best of me! Constantly cleaning out is physically draining. It takes two days for the magnesium citrate to run its course and completely do its job. I get one day off a week – Wednesday and oh do I LOVE WEDNESDAY!! Monday’s clean out physically does me in. When I wake up on Tuesday I’m wiped out. All of this is an effort to reduce my colon spasms and keep them under control. The spasms have started to happen even while I’m cleaning out and they are not pleasant. I called my doctor’s office earlier this week because this is killing my work schedule and I don’t know if I can do this for two months (and drink that much magnesium citrate….yuck!). I ask if my doctor had anything else up his sleeve even though this was the last option (one could hope) or could we possibly push the surgical date up?

I know it’s insane – who wants to have surgery? I think I do. I am tired. I have spent almost a year of weekends, sometimes multiple weekdays in the house cleaning out. I’m 23… almost 24; I want to be out and about with my boyfriend and friends having a good time. Yes my GP does slow me down but my colon keeps me hostage in my own house. The surgery could be horrible to get over but I am willing to take that risk.

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