Monday, February 22, 2010

GES update...

Dr. Koch called today and wanted to discuss my Gastric Emptying Scan results. I however missed the call!! I have been carrying my cell everywhere and I usually do not do that. He did however say that he would call back.
This is what he said...
2008 GES 4Hour = 74% (my stomach emptied at this percentage in a 4hr period)
2010 GES 4Hour = 83% (my stomach now empties at this percentage in a 4hr period)

2008 GES 2Hour = 37% (how much my stomach emptied in a 2hr period)
2010 GES 2Hour = 20% (my stomach now empties at this percentage in a 2hr period)

I had assumed after speaking with the GI office that I was at thirty-seven percent. Oh well. This still confuses me because my percentages have gotten better in the four hour digesting period but they have decreased by seventeen percent in the two hour digesting period.

He said that my options are still medications and diet. He did however mention discussing a Gastric Pacemaker. We'll see what happens!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


The day of my Gastric Emptying Scan (GES) came and went. The day seemed really long. The appointment that morning was at ten and I was finished at three. I was hungry so I was able to get the eggs and toast down quickly.
It took longer to get my GES results than I had originally anticipated. My stomach functioning is still around thirty-seven percent. This makes me SO happy!! My blood work came back and everything appears to be fine.
I have had a few difficult days since but that comes with the territory. For Valentine’s Day, Jacob and I went to Macado’s in Boone. I had to have a ham sandwich (this consist of mayo and two slices of ham). Twenty minutes after leaving Macado’s, I was regretting my decision. I know that the food is not going to go over well but sometimes I just need something different. By the time we got back to Wilkesboro, oh my, I knew it was going to be bad. Sunday was the worst GP experience I have ever had. The abdominal pain, cramping, nausea and everything else that goes with that was horrible. Thank goodness I was not alone, Jacob was there.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

the doctor's appointment

Wednesday I had two appointments at Baptist Hospital (WFUBMC) with Dr. Koch my Gastroenterologist. My Gastroparesis has been challenging over the past four months. We discussed my weight and how I need to compensate to make up for loss calories. We evaluated my meals and snacks that I eat through out the day and how I can get more out of fewer meals. A Gastroparesis patient is suppose to eat six small meals a day. Let’s face it, I work and I can not eat all three meals at work. It’s just not possible. So I am to increase my meal and snack size and calorie intake at work. That is going to be interesting.
Another thing we discussed was my nails. I am losing my nails. They are receding and popping off. He said that was not suppose to happen so he did some blood work. I did however to forget mention that my hair was falling out. I know that sounds stupid. How do forget to tell your doctor that hair is falling out? Trust me, it’s not that hard. When I say that my hair is falling out, I’m talking it’s everywhere. I’ve found it all over my area at work, on my key ring at the check out (this was eye opening), all over my room and bathroom and my clothes. The list goes on and on. Whenever I was checking out and I found hair on my key ring with my Lowes card, I realized I’m losing more hair than I thought. Hopefully the blood work will tell on me so I won’t have to tell Dr. Koch.
We also talked about my GI tract as a whole and how it’s not “functioning”. He added another other the counter medication to help move my digestive tract along. Thank goodness! I’m really not excited that I am going to be drinking a glass of this stuff in the mornings but that’s okay. It beats getting food stuck in your GI tract.
To finish off the visit, he said that he would like to do another Gastric Emptying Scan to see how my stomach is functioning. I agreed instantly. I would like to know where I am at. When I had the scan before my stomach function at 37%. Like before, I will get to eat those “delicious” Egg Beater eggs laced with radio active material and toast. Then I just wait until they move though my stomach. Last time it took a little over five hours so we’ll see. The test is Tuesday!