Saturday, June 12, 2010


Have you ever craved something and you just had to have it? I am constantly craving things. Cake icing, olives, water chestnuts or Chik-fil-A waffle fries with extra salt and ketchup. There is no rhyme or reason to my cravings but I do occasionally give in to them.

Since lunch no longer agrees with me, I have started eating a snack in place of lunch. Wednesday afternoon I started craving Chik-fil-A waffle fries. It is very, very rare for me to eat fast food. It is not worth going down and feeling horrible over. However, we just got a new Chik-fil-A, I was craving fries, I wanted salt; it just wasn’t a good combination. My mom told me not to do it but did I listen, NO. When we got to Chik-fil-A, I consumed an order of waffle fries and four chicken nuggets. Hello…. I can’t digest chicken!!! That was the dumbest thing I have done in a long time. We had to go to Wal-Mart after. I am standing in the book aisle fanning myself. I feel like I have a rock in my stomach and I am trying not to throw up. All of this to satisfy a craving. The sad part is, is that I’ll most likely do it again with a different food.

On Tuesday my GI doctor called me. For the past five weekends, give or take, I’ve been living it up in the bathroom. Every Saturday I get to drink at least 3/4ths of a bottle of magnesium citrate. The purpose of this is to push all of the food left in my stomach and intestines on through. In the beginning it took about three to four hours to work. Last week, it took around ten hours. The bad part about taking this stuff is when you take it; you’re home for a while if you know what I mean. Whenever I spoke with him, he said I have to keep “cleaning out” for at least four more weeks. As for not digesting well, it comes with the territory.

As for the chicken and fries, I’m still feeling the repercussions. The magnesium citrate this morning was a killer. Between the bloating for the mag citrate and the nausea from the meal, this has defiantly been the worst clean out weekend I’ve had. Next weekend I get a break and I can’t wait. I’m going to Cedar Point and I’m going bungee jumping!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The LIST!!

Over the past few days I have really been giving my “Things to do before I HOPEFULLY get a pacemaker list” some thought. I went on YouTube the other day and pulled up some videos of people rafting the Sweet Falls rapid on the Upper Gauley River in West Virginia. I watched this raft go over the rapid (and I’m talking a ten to twelve man size raft) disappear. It was gone. It went down the fourteen foot drop and….. (wait for it) and up it comes into the rapid. You couldn’t even see their heads. If that wasn’t enticing enough, as soon as they were out of that rapid, they go into another one which causes the raft to flip. There is this huge rock that splits the rapid and what does it do, it dumps the people out of the raft. During all of this, they show some of the people who have swam over to a rock with the raft. They just pull it out of the water like it’s nothing. At the end of watching this, I came to the conclusion that I physically can’t do that anymore. G2 Gatorade and a Nutrigrain bar will not be enough to sustain me during my whitewater experience. Besides, I’ve carried those rafts and with the whole boat helping. There is no way I could handle that raft and let’s just say two other people and the Class V rapid flowing on by. I’m just going to have to pick another river. At least I got to do half to the river.

Another item on my list is to go to Cedar Point Amusement Park, The Roller Coaster Capital of the WORLD!! It has seventeen roller coasters, three being of the top ten steel coasters in the world. I get excited by just looking at the website which is sad I know. I love the feelings you get when you ride them. The feelings when you get are next in line to get on, whenever you are going up the hill and best of all, going down the hill! The one thing I have to say that I do not like roller coasters is when they put on those darn brakes. I am very, very thankful for those brakes but oh, that right there can make me want to lose my lunch.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to bungee jump. Well, I’m going to do it, it’s most likely now or never. When Jacob and I were first dating, we went on an Xtreme Skyflyer. Being pulled up in the air 153 feet was the worst. I started cursing half way up quietly to myself. Jacob hadn’t known me that long, so I tried to have manners. Well, those went out the door when they let us go. This all being said, we were at the beach two years ago and I saw a ride that was similar. It is called the Human Slingshot. You and a partner sit in two fastened seats and they “bungee” or “slingshot” you up into the air. Really fun stuff!!

So for now, that is all that I have for my list. If anybody has any ideas, please send them my way. I love doing stuff that is “memorable” and fun to look back and think about. You only live once.