Tuesday, April 12, 2011

surgical appointment!

I have an appointment for a surgical consult on May 13th!! Goodbye colon spasms… goodbye colon… GOODBYE MAGNESIUM CITRATE!!

It took about two seconds for me to realize that it is a month away! I can’t wait that long, I’ve waited a year. Besides that’s just the surgical consult, I would still have to go through the pre-op stuff and get scheduled for surgery itself. Plus I’ve been through a couple of surgeries before I was officially diagnosed with gastroparesis and I am a horrible person to put I.V.s in and draw blood from. This time I want some type of catheter so I’m not pricked multiple times. The last time I had to give blood it was an ordeal; warming blankets and multiple nurses were involved. They usually have to go through my hands and end up blowing my veins… it’s an ordeal.

I go this coming Tuesday, April 19th for the Smart Pill camera test. I was reading the instructions for the test and I am unable to clean out three days before and during the test. I think this is going to be one of the harder tests that I’ve been through since they want your GI tract to be “natural”. No motility meds….

I got to thinking about May 13th. It’s really not as long as it seems. I’m on a surgical cancellation list if anyone cancels their appointment. I’ve got plenty of things to do before I have surgery so I’m sure the time will go by quickly. I’m one of those people when I want it, I want it now. I don't like waiting.

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