Tuesday, October 18, 2011

learning a new normal...

It has been one month today since I had my surgery. Where has the time gone? It is been such an overwhelming and yet odd experience. I was talking to Jacob one night and I told him that I had experienced so many changes to my body that I didn't feel comfortable with it. I know that sounds extremely strange but I went into this surgery expecting to feel this way when it was all said and done. For example I had the whole magnesium citrate routine down pat; I know what to expect and when to expect it. I could go to bed and rest easy knowing that nothing unexpected would happen. However with the surgery, everything is new and it has thrown my body all out of sorts.

At night when I lay down, I feel my whole abdominal area shift and everything moves which makes me nauseous. I like to sleep on my side and it took me several weeks to be able to do that because of my incisions pulling. When I would lay flat they would pull but not nearly as much as they did when I laid on my side. When I go to bed at night I love to listen to my ipod. Music makes my world go round. Until two nights ago, I just wasn't comfortable enough to do that. It sounds crazy but I just wasn't ready. I have finally been able to make it through the night several times without waking up which has been WONDERFUL!! I'm usually up several times during the night which gets old and just makes for a long night.

My diet is generally the same; mashed potatoes and bread. I have branched out and added a few things for variety and flavor, I was getting desperate. I've started eating chips which my surgeon approved as well as baked tator tots and sugar cookies. I have attempted to eat french fries and they seemed to be okay but I am proceeding with caution because of the grease. Friday I started craving Dr. Pepper. I had been doing so well but I gave in; what could a small half glass hurt? I slowly drank it and it didn't bother me until around 1:30am. Oh my goodness the intestinal pain! I have decided to give up Dr. Pepper, I am officially finished. It was not worth that pain.

Yesterday I started having abdominal pain followed by some nausea. It lasted throughout the yesterday and into today. I'm not sure if I have been eating too much or what. I decided to go to a more liquid diet to give my stomach some relief. I ate some potatoes for lunch today and sure enough the pain and discomfort intensified. Luckily I go to see my GI doctor tomorrow.

I am becoming much more comfortable with myself. I have learned to take it easy and slow down. I am having to learn what works and what doesn't work with my GI tract. This is going to be a long process that will just take time.

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