Tuesday, July 12, 2011

running on empty...

Have you ever had a stomach bug or the stomach flu and felt completely drained? That is what it feels like to have gastroparesis. It is a never ending cycle of stomach flus that never get better or go away with time. Our energy is never completely replenished.

I have felt this way for who knows how long. My GI doctor told me that I would continue to go downhill and feel drained and exhausted due to my colon pulling everything down. I’ve been blacking out more, feeling weaker, having more headaches and dealing with more dehydration. I’ve even started this routine of throwing up some of my magnesium citrate after I drink it which isn’t good. I REALLY, REALLY struggle getting one and a half bottles down; I don’t need to be losing any of that stuff. However I see my surgeon this Thursday and I will have my surgical date!! I will get to walk in Target and know how many bottles of magnesium citrate to buy. No more guess work. I am so excited!

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