Saturday, January 29, 2011

Physical Therapy

I got my tilt table test results back and I am tachycardic but besides that everything was fine!

I started my colon therapy on Wednesday and I LOVE my therapist!!! She is a variety of things. She is extremely intelligent and funny but most of all she makes me feel comfortable and puts me at ease so those muscles can relax. She was very thorough in her exam. My muscles are very weak and thick. I have a lot of ground to cover. I am looking at six weeks of therapy which isn’t bad considering my GI history.

I go back to Temple University Hospital this week for a Hydrogen Breath Test. They are looking to see if there is any bacteria in my intestines. It should be a fairly quickly trip to Philadelphia. The downside is that I can’t clean out; I will be going thirteen or fourteens days without any magnesium citrate. It’s going to be ROUGH!


  1. Hey facebook buddy. Hope you got to Temple Ok...was thinking of you during the storm. So sorry you are suffering so much right now. It breaks my heart to read your posts but I want you to know I am very appreciative of them. It helps all of us learn about ourselves and be more informed patients. I go Tuesday for the gastric emptying test and Thursday for an esphageal (sp?) motility test where I am wide awake as a tube goes down my nose, into my stomach. I have lost 8 pounds in a week and cannot eat solids so if my tummy can just stay bad until Tuesday, then, those docs are in for an exciting day! :-/ Hopefully we can talk soon. BTW, I ate one of my jars of baby food....even THAT didn't go down well!

  2. Hey Melissa,

    The trip to Temple went well. The weather was good. We woke up to some ice Thursday morning but besides that the roads were clear. I can't believe that you have lost 8 pounds in a week... that's insane!! I feel so bad for you. You must feel so weak from not being able to eat. I can't believe that the baby food didn't stay down well. I hope that your tests you well, keep me posted.

    Many GP hugs to you,