Monday, January 3, 2011

Philadelphia: Round 2

I do not have Hirschsprung’s Disease!!

The trip to Philadelphia went well, just hearing that made the trip wonderful. I had a four day gastric emptying scan. It was similar to the other gastric emptying scans that I have had before except this scan followed the food past my stomach into smaller intestines and colon. Usually the meal consists of eggs and toast; they mix the radioactive stuff into the eggs. This time they made me a sandwich of toast with jelly on it and the eggs with no salt… GAG!!!! I even drank water with a radioactive mix.

Tuesday was the longest day. It took around six hours to get the proper scans to follow the food through my stomach. Each of the following days, one scan was required. I could actually see the food on the screen. The last two days, nothing moved on the screen (that doesn’t seem promising). The food just stayed in the same place.

Wednesday we went to the Franklin Institute to see the Cleopatra exhibit (I am a nerd, I admit it). I’d been off my medications for a couple of days and I didn’t think anything about it. My head started hurting but it just seemed to be a normal headache to me. I went to bed thinking I could sleep it off. The next morning I woke up to a migraine and extremely bad nausea. We went on to the hospital and we made it to the parking deck until the vomiting started. I felt so bad for Jacob. He’s driving up the parking deck and I throw open the door and start throwing up. Later that afternoon Dr. Parkman got back to me as well as my neurologist and I did get some relief. I’ve decided that I don’t like being miserable away from home.

The rest of the week went well. We did take in some Philadelphia culture. We went as I mentioned to the Franklin Institute, Independence Hall, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington Square and of course City Hall which was magnificent! We were walking downtown one day and Jacob got him a Philly cheese steak sandwich, I never realized how good those smelled!

They told me that I should have had my test results by December 27th. I still haven’t heard anything yet. I go this Wednesday to my gastroenterologist in Winston so maybe he will have better luck in getting the test results.

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  1. One more thing! (Oh, and I'm up at this late hour because I attempted food, again, and again, I am hurting...toast!!! that's it!!!) So, I was reading this post and I wanted to tell you how funny/coincidental it is that you have been going to Philly for all of your tests because about a month ago..before I ever 'met' you, my family and I decided to go to Philly on a family trip this year! You know I will be thinking of you the whole time! I'm feeling awful so I'm going to go get our best friend out...the heating pad (high five). Take care!
    Melissa (facebook buddy)