Friday, October 1, 2010

an experience to last another year and a half...

If you haven’t already noticed in my previous blog entries, I am the type person who will eat something and pay the consequences. I’m to the point I really just don’t care. If it gets stuck, clogged, jammed or whatever, I’ll flush it out or they can pump it out in the emergency room. Jacob says I am crazy but I’m HUNGRY for REAL FOOD!!!! I will eat something, pay the consequences and beg Jacob to remind me what happened when I want to eat this again. Guess what, most of the time if I’m craving it bad enough, I’ll attempt to eat it again. The past several months have been that way, eat and pay the consequences. Since my diagnosis, I seem to be losing ground and lately I’ve been struggling to maintain. I am going to take a few risks with my food and enjoy a few “bites” while I can.

Last week when I was on the phone with my gastroenterologist, I decided to run a question by him that I had been pondering for quite some time. I wanted his opinion because if it happened to go wrong, I defiantly wanted aware of it and on my side. I told him that I had been craving a salad for forever. It had been over a year and a half since I last had one. Could I eat a salad if I used the magnesium citrate the next day? I knew it was a stupid question. Salads and meats are a big no for me. Last time I ate a salad, it had to rot before I could digest it. I however was willing to take that chance of not being able to digest, having it stuck and even making a trip to the emergency room to have it pumped out. To my surprise, my doctor said yes. It wasn’t like it was going to digest anyway. Flush it out with the magnesium citrate the next day and if I got in any trouble, go to the emergency. I was as excited as if I was going on vacation!

SALAD at Ruby Tuesday!! Well I couldn’t leave it alone at just lettuce and a few salad fixings. I had lettuce, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, egg, and sunflower seeds (this was a HUGE deal to me) and to top that off I had fries and cake! I left the restaurant feeling really full. If I was going to have to go to the hospital, I was going to enjoy food like I use too. I never felt bad until Saturday around lunch. Oh my, it was like hitting a brick wall. I deserved it though. I did the magnesium citrate but it didn’t do its job. I felt horrible all weekend and decided to do another round of magnesium citrate on Tuesday. Thankfully that round worked. I did learn my lesson this time unlike the other numerous times. I will not touch another salad. There is a reason my doctor let me eat that and I now know my limits. However every bite was still worth it. Unfortunately it took me nineteen years to learn to like a salad and they take it away.


  1. Hi Jennifer, I can totally sympathize with the intense craving for solid food!! I go through a similar pattern at all too regular intervals. Hope you in a good phase now. All the best, Claire

  2. Wow, thats totally me. Not supposed to eat raw veggies (I think my GP is a little less severe) and never liked salads but then started craving them after 3 years of GP... went to Wildfire and had their chopped salad...amazing but then I got sick for days afterwards. Same thing last weekend when my husband and I went to Kansas City. I love bbq, especially ribs and I still haven't recovered 5 days later. My mom says I'm nuts and I should be repulsed by things like ribs because I get sooo sick from eating them, but they taste so good!