Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Appointment with the Nutritionist

I went to see my nutritionist for the first time last week. It went better than I had expected. On the phone she asked why I was seeing her and what medical conditions I had. When I told her I had Gastroparesis, her comment was “Oh my”. That left me feeling as if I might as well be throwing money out the window. Lately I’ve been getting that from people including doctors, beauticians… nobody wants me! I’m too complicated. However I did learn a lot at my appointment. Who would have ever thought that those mashed potatoes that I load down with butter and salt are the most nutritious thing I eat. (Pretty sad… but I’m not complaining I LOVE butter and salt!)

I did give my gastroenterologist a call and to tell him that I wanted to be referred for a second opinion. Over the past two and a half weeks I have been chugging four capfuls of Miralax down a day in hopes of “stimulating” my lazy intestines that haven’t functioned all summer long. When I told him that it hasn’t worked and all it has done is make me look extremely bloated and miserable his response was “Oh my, that’s not good.” He decided to schedule me for some more tests to see how functional my intestines are. As for the second opinion, he preferred the Mayo Clinic or Temple University Medical in Philadelphia. So as of yesterday, they are trying to get me an appointment at Temple and I still get to be a regular GI patient in Winston which is wonderful! I have been so stressed and confused over that. Which hospital do I pick? What if I can’t see my gastroenterologist anymore because I went somewhere else for a second opinion? I need to relax and stop worrying over this stuff.


  1. I know how you feel!! It sucks. If one more person tells me "you need to start eating more" I will scream.

  2. Hi Dineille,

    I know, does that not drive you crazy? "You really need to eat more. Are you know okay? You're not anorexic are you?" I know what you mean Dineille. :)

  3. haha totally agree with above comments..."You look ok, are you sure you can't have a piece of cake?...it might do you some good"

    On a side note, I did the same thing with Miralax for awhile too- and kept taking it with no results, until finally I threw up chunks and chunks and chunks of the stuff (months later) because it decided to clump up my stomach and never pass....not to be too graphic, but just to let you know in case your body is handling it like mine.... That picture of the salad is so very tempting - hope you savored every bite!

  4. Hi Ben and Carrie,

    Cake is one of the weak points. I LOVE cake icing. Back in the day before GP, I would do these healthy eating routines and I could have one really unhealthy thing a week. I never put limits on the unhealthy food choice so I would go and buy a "cake for two" at a local grocery store and eat as much as I could. I loved the icing more than the cake. The cake probably canceled out all of that healthy eating that I had been doing all week but oh well.
    As for the Miralax, thanks for telling me that. I'm sorry that happened to you. Don't worry about being too graphic, nothing really bothers me. :)

    Hope you are doing well.

  5. Yes, I have gastritis. I understand what it means to eat unleavened food without fat and salt. But I got used to it. Fruits and vegetables, I fell in love and now it`s part of my life. As well as communicating with a dietitian permanently https://youdo.com/india/chennai-services/beauty-services/dieticians-services/ . Hold on! I wish you strength and health!