Friday, March 19, 2010

food & liquids vs. me

You know the saying “You are never given more than you can handle”? I have questioned that saying this past week. I have only gone one day without losing my meals multiple times. I am now on a lovely liquid diet. I am back to craving crazy foods that are not healthy or good for you. Take the marshmallow Peeps for example. I want a yellow chick Peep, not blue or pink but a yellow. I also started craving pimento cheese on crackers. I never eat things like that but that’s what I want.
The whole ordeal started last a week ago Thursday. I did everything that I usually do. I backed down off the foods, considering I eat about four types. I kept it as simple as possible. By Tuesday, it was horrible. I needed some advice from my doctor. They said to go to a liquid diet and call back in a few days. Wednesday, I was sitting at my cube working and here came that feeling. The feeling of I’m about to be sick again and I don’t know if I can do this today. I am the type I will try my best to refuse to get sick. It has been waking me up at night and I will lay there and refuse to get up to go to the bathroom. It works for a short time and it always catches up with me. I am just stubborn. On Thursday, I was so sick at work, I stayed late because I could not stay out of the bathroom long enough to be able to make the commute home.
I decided to call my doctor’s office back because I’m tired of feeling like my arms and legs are like Jell-O and I can’t keep any liquids in me. If I drink liquids, I’m going to be sick. This landed me a trip to the ER to get fluids. All I learned was that it was not normal for me to be losing liquids like this and I need to call my doctor on Monday. They mentioned that I needed to eat food. All I have to say is “No Comment”. It is never dull is Gastroparesis. It is going to be another weekend of staying at home but that’s okay. It could be ten times worse and it will get better.

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