Wednesday, April 26, 2017

easy, quick and safe GP foods...

As a gastroparesis (GP) patient and mommy of a very active toddler, some nights by the time dinner rolls around, I'm exhausted. My day may have consisted of cleaning out. I may have spent the day dealing with nausea or weakness. I may have spent the day just being a mom to my daughter and fulfilling those responsibilities. There is one thing about life with this disease, no two days are the same. Something is always changing.

Generally speaking at our house, two types of meals are usually fixed. My husband has "his food" and I eat my "GP friendly food". Our daughter's meal is usually a combination of the two of our meals. She's currently in her "toddler pickiness" phase which is perfectly okay. Regardless, she gets a variety of food options to help broaden her palette. Looking back over my life, I have come to realize that I wasted so much time being picky and close minded about food. If I could have one redo, it would be that, to be less picky and open to different foods.

Some nights when it is time for me to decide what I'm going to eat for dinner, well let's be honest; it is more like "What can my stomach handle tonight?" As I stated before, no two days are the same with GP. I have good days where my diet isn't so limited and other days where I can handle just a few types of food. On those rough days for me personally, it is about getting something into my stomach to help me get through the evening. I'm usually not looking for what is the healthiest option or most nutritious. I'm just looking for something that is easy and quick. It's real life and in the moment. We're all individuals who are in different places and situations in life. What works for you, may not work for me so let's please be opened minded.

MorningStar Farms Chik'N Nuggets

I am not able to properly digest chicken. It always gets stuck in my GI tract which results in it barely moving through. I discovered these vegetarian nuggets. I really like the taste of the Chik'N Nuggets especially when I use a type of sauce to dip them in. I have the option of baking them in the oven or putting them in the microwave. Either way, I feel like I am getting some type of "meat" with my meal without the repercussions of truly eating meat. MorningStar Farms offers a broad selection of meatless meal food options.

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice

I discovered this rice some time ago. It is really convenient to have on hand. I usually keep several backups in my pantry for whenever those rough days occur. It comes in a variety of 21 different flavors. My favorites are the Original and the Creamy Four Cheese. It only takes 90 seconds in the microwave to prepare. There are no preservatives in the rice so I feel comfortable about feeding it to my daughter.

For years now, whether it was during a flare up, after a surgery or after giving birth to my daughter, I would eat the takeout Japanese rice flavored with shrimp/Yum-Yum and soy sauces. It was one of my all time safe foods. It occurred to me one day to just use this Original rice along side of my sauces and I had QUICK and easy Japanese takeout rice without having to leave my house or exert a lot of time or energy. As we all know, some days you just have to conserve your energy.

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Idahoan Fully Loaded Instant Potatoes: Buttery Delicious

I know, I know, instant mashed potatoes. Potato flakes! There is nothing when it comes to food that I love more than homemade mashed potatoes that have been boiled on the stove and whipped to rich, buttery perfection. However let's be real here for a moment. Some nights, I don't feel like waiting thirty to forty minutes for mashed potatoes, forget the energy that goes into peeling and preparing them. On those nights, I pull out these. They come in three different flavors but my favorite is the Buttery Delicious. They don't have the same taste and texture as my homemade mashed potatoes but they work on those nights. I usually dress them up by substituting the water for milk and adding some additional butter or cheese depending on my stomach and mood. After any GI tract related surgery, this is the first food that I go for, mashed potatoes. I know that regardless to what condition my stomach is in, I'm going to be okay eating mashed potatoes.

Campbell's Condensed Soup : Chicken and Stars

I absolutely love this soup. Personally I enjoy a thicker based soup so I don't add water to it like the directions say to. I just heat it in the microwave. I love anything that has salt in it so the saltiness of this soup is perfect for me. Whenever my intestines become inflamed and enlarged, I always eat the Chicken and Stars soup because the stars are already tiny so it just helps with digesting and moving throughout my intestines. The Campbell's soup brand offers a lot of different varieties of soup.

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So there are a few of my quick and easy go to foods that are safe foods for me to eat on those rough, real life days. I'd love to hear what some of your safe foods are!

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