Thursday, February 13, 2014

GP related dental problems...

As we all know, I absolutely hate going to the dentist. I don't know what it is about the dentist that bothers me so badly but it does. I get so anxious over going to the dentist. It completely rattles me. I honestly would rather go through a medical procedure or test than go to the dentist. It's that bad. Since it was time for my routine cleaning, I switched to my husband's dentist. I was really impressed with his mannerism as a dentist and how professional yet comfortable the office environment was. I knew going in that I would have some dental issues. Before my GP diagnosis, I never had any dental issues however that is no longer the story.

After doing a set of dental x-rays and having my teeth examined, we talked about my current dental situation. I had seven new cavities. I was shocked at the number and frustrated at my body but yet I was relieved. This wasn't an organ conversation. My dental situation wasn't good but it could have been much worse. My dentist explained to me that my GP had caused some deterioration to my teeth and that was the cause of my cavities. Over the years between having acid reflux, being malnourished and receiving inadequate nutrition, this was the result. My dental issues are those of someone who is much older and doesn't take care of their teeth. I on the other hand am fairly young and am consistent in with my oral hygiene. Ever since I have started cleaning out, I have always wondered what damage had the four hundred plus bottles of magnesium citrate done to my teeth. If it can stain concrete, what was it doing to my teeth? Believe it or not, my dentist explained to me that the magnesium citrate hadn't harmed my teeth. If anything, it had helped as a wash to remove any acid that may have been left in my mouth.

My goal now is to protect my remaining teeth. Over the past few weeks, I have had to go back to the office three times to have my cavities filled. It hasn't been the happiest experience but I got through it. We have created a dental plan for me in hopes to preserve what is left in my mouth. My dentist has definitely went above and beyond going through my medications and diet looking for possible contributors to future cavities as well as each acid and pH levels of the liquids that I intake. I completely understand that this is just part of having GP. It is what it is. Life isn't always fair and we have to make the best out of it. 

I go this coming Wednesday to meet with my GI doctor. It should be an interesting visit. I have a lot of questions for him regarding my future and its possibilities. We will be talking about the decreased motility of my small intestines and how the GP has effected it. Jacob and I were talking earlier this week about my clean out medications/routine. I am planning on increasing my clean outs to three times a week verses two in an attempt to give my GI tract a break and some additional help on the motility side. In our conversation we were discussing how far and frequent will these clean outs become. It is odd but I find some bit of comfort in knowing that I have already lost my colon to my GP. Losing the function of my small intestines should be fairly similar and that comforts me. I have been through it once, I can do it again. However this time around, I feel better prepared mentally and feel that I can be a better advocate for myself since I have an idea of what I am getting into. I explained to Jacob that I do not plan on going but so far in my clean out medication dosages as well as the frequency of them. Three times a week is my maximum. Over time for me personally, when taking so many laxative and prep medications, I begin to feel toxic. It is an odd feeling to explain. I get to where I have trouble maintaining a regular sleep schedule due to the clean outs. Cleaning out multiples times a week physically wears on you and takes its toll. This time around before things become so intense, I want to have a plan or at least an idea for what my next move is medically. 
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