Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a good GP day...

A good friend once told me that whenever you have a good GP free day get out and enjoy it! Jacob and I use to be a very active and busy couple before my GP diagnosis and GP progression. I remember during one week, we might go to Hickory or Winston for dinner and a movie while hiking in the mountains all weekend not to mention what we did locally. We tried to go or do something every weekend.
Now looking back, I see how privileged we were to be able to get out and do things. I was talking to some friends this week about how our diets have changed and how some people complain about how hard it is for them to eat "healthy". I will never be able to eat the average person's "healthy" diet again and I would give anything to do that. Until you lose something, you don't realize what privileges you have. Honestly, who wouldn't love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially a salad?

I have the most caring, giving, loving and understanding boyfriend a girl could ask for. He has been through more that he signed up for. He is a great gift giver. Every few months he surprises me with something. Back in the spring, he surprised me with tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert which was wonderful! After the concert he informed me that I had another surprise in a few months. The only kink is that he gives NOTHING away except the date. I'm talking no location, time of day, town - NOTHING! I think and guess for months which drives me insane but luckily he is a good gift giver so I trust his judgement.

After several months of waiting, Saturday finally got here and I found out we were going to Charlotte which didn't narrow down the possibilities of who or what we were seeing (I promise not to do a Google search). We pull up to the coliseum and I'm almost sure we were seeing the music group Shinedown until I see these older people and that was thrown out the door. I don't believe someone in their 70's is going to be listening to a rock band like Shinedown.... just saying. We walk in and there is all of this basketball memorabilia. No way, I don't do basketball. Luckily when we got inside I saw the Cirque du Soleil signs and I was sooo excited and relieved. I would not know what to do at a basket ball game and I'd drive Jacob crazy asking questions.

I have wanted to see Cirque du Soleil since... FOREVER! We, I mean I had planned on seeing Cirque du Soleil whenever we go to Las Vegas. (I have this desire to go to Vegas if it kills me. I have to go.) The show was remarkable. The costumes, music, the acts - WONDERFUL! My absolute favorite act was the Russian Bar Act. I have attached a link so you can watch it.

It was a wonderful day. My GP was manageable. It took two naps to get me through the day but if that's what it takes to be able to enjoy a good day out with Jacob, it is totally worth it.

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