Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Tuesday-Wednesday-Saturday-Sunday Lifestyle

The past few weeks have been relatively calm. I’m currently only working three days a weeks to help give my GI system a break on the weekends. My life revolves around a magnesium citrate schedule. Saturday through Sunday, I clean out. Monday I’m at work. Tuesday through Wednesday are clean out days while Thursday and Friday I’m back work. It’s a repetitive cycle. I use to hate being at home and not getting to go out and do things. My, how the tables have turned, I’m at home a lot now. I am becoming fond of this schedule even though it’s more complicated than before. Another positive thing about doing the magnesium citrate is I don’t feel like leaving the house. Nothing productive gets accomplished. On the weekends, I do miss being able to go to church. You never appreciate what you have until you lose it. A couple of weekends ago, I did skip my routine. I just needed a break. I went white water canoeing with my family and had a wonderful time. It was nice to be outside in the sun. Overall, I hope this routine is not forever. I go back to my gastroenterologist in a few weeks so hopefully something can be worked out so I can have some part of my life back that doesn’t revolve around magnesium citrate but if not, I suppose that’s okay.


  1. Hi I also have gastroparesis. I was wondering if you had gotten your pacer yet or not. I got mine in May 2010 and so far its not helped a ton but I can drink fluids again. Before the surgery I couldn't intake more than 8 oz of water per day. I also had a J tube put in at that time. Unfortunately my body did not want to accept the tube feedings and the tube was pulled. I continue to loose weight and am waiting to find out if TPN will be an option for me. I really hope the pacer works for you.

  2. Hi Chelle,

    I have not gotten my pacer yet. I'm sorry that you are having such a difficult time. I hope the TPN works out for you. I can't imagine the difficulty of not being able to drink. Eight ounces doesn't go far. Please keep me posted.